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Fortech Highlights of 2017

Fortech ends the financial year with a 23 million EUR revenue, 23 new commercial partnerships, and the highest client satisfaction index received in over 14 years of experience (4.6 out of 5). Below you can see a few highlights that energized us in the past year.

Fortech Highlights 2017


Portfolio Consolidation

In 2017 Fortech continued to open and strengthen collaborations across Western Europe and North America, supporting clients in their pursuits with technology, through solid software engineering competence, Agile methods of delivery and forming and scaling software teams dedicated to their needs. Today, our portfolio counts more than 165 clients, who acknowledge the outcomes of our collaboration, both in terms of software quality and relationship dynamics, rating Fortech’s services at the highest level to date (4.6 out of 5).


Competencies Enhancement

Fortech’s expertise goes beyond facts and figures. We devote constant effort to retain and enrich membership for our long-term commitments to clients across the world. In the past year, we continued to strengthen technical competence, adjusted the learning framework and refined our employer value proposition to accommodate raising or anticipated needs. The method employed in support of these objectives was to make use of the multiple components that build our learning environment. They are designed to facilitate both, exposure to technical know-how via pre-employment programs, conferences on trending technologies, peer-to-peer sharing sessions, training and webinars as well as to provide context for practice through internal prototypes development programs. These actions lead to a current headcount of over 650 employees, who display an average work experience of 5+years and commitment towards a singular purpose: mastery in software development.


Delivery Centers Growth

For almost two years now we have successfully spread our wings in the Northern and Eastern regions of Romania through expertise offices in Iasi, respectively Oradea. In the past year, our focus was to build the core teams while shaping cohesive structures appropriate to working in distributed teams and to localize our branding. Currently, we have exceeded the threshold of 40 software engineers and testers in each of these locations.


Operational Improvements

Our capacity to adapt fast to increasing client requirements is not possible without a strong and stable foundation. After we enlarged the leadership structure in late 2016, aiming to cover the needs of a growing organization, in 2017 we set up the Project Management Office (PMO). Its role is to optimize the project management practice for continuous and productive delivery.


Community Involvement

On the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) front, we crystallized our contributions under four main directions: education, sports & health, creative industries and social care.

Following this strategy, we supported educational programs – Discover Your Call in IT – one of our major investment project, health initiatives – shaping a SMURD partnership, cultural initiatives – developing Electric Castle festival mobile app to enhance the experience of 130,000+ users, to mention a few.

Fortech Community Involvement 2017

“As for the future, we have many plans as ambitious as in all those 14 years since we came into existence, which motivates us to strive for the best every day. We will keep growing and optimizing our business, providing quality code and reliable teams for our customers. Simultaneously, we will invest in our people, creating contexts where they can acquire or deepen technical capabilities, as well as soft skills. Doing so will enable us to preserve our current strengths while exploring new avenues for continuous improvement”, (Calin Vaduva, CEO).

For a detailed picture of our most significant advancements in 2017, check out the Annual Company Report.