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Fortech in 2013 – a Year of Consolidation Efforts

Fortech new office building

Work on the construction site for the new Fortech office advances. An investment project exceeding 3 million euros, the office building is aimed to provide the company with increased capacity and modern working spaces.

“2013 has been a special year for Fortech, considering all the years since the company has been established”, said Calin Vaduva, Fortech CEO, in an interview for Business24. “Not only did the business continue to expand, but we also managed to consolidate our position with respect to our existing clients. Additionally, we have undergone some investments in infrastructure – a new office building is currently under construction – and investments for consolidating our internal organization. Hence, we have focused more on finalizing these projects successfully and less on expanding the business”, explained Calin Vaduva.

Additional to the new office building, Fortech has rolled out an implementation of a leading suite of collaborative tools in order to support internal processes for further organizational growth. The solution replaces a multitude of tools that were being used so far and provides the framework for unified knowledge base, internal communication and other organizational processes. It also enables a better integration with and alignment to the practices of Fortech’s clients.

Another investment has been in the branding direction. Following a visual identity and communication refinement effort, a facelift of Fortech’s appearance, a new logo and a brand new website resulted. The new appearance guides Fortech brand towards the future, being a strong statement of the company’s personality as mature organization with fresh spirit.

All these efforts are aimed to calibrate the organization for further growth and, at the same time, better meet the needs of its employees, clients and partners.

“We see the value of the new office building not in the physical infrastructure itself, but in the opportunities and functionalities it provides: spaces dedicated for research and development activities, training and knowledge sharing, recreational activities and so on”, added Calin Vaduva.