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Fortech Joins Prominent Business Leaders at Forbes Romania Best Cities for Business

  • Fortech joined decision-makers from international financial institutions and CEOs of the largest industrial manufacturers in Romania for the first live event after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Forbes Romania – Cluj-Napoca Best Cities for Business.
  • Through live panel discussions, the conference provided a fresh perspective on the opportunities and endeavors the business ecosystem in Romania is currently exposed to.
  • As the CEO of one of the largest software development providers in the region, Calin Vaduva was invited to join the stage and share insights on Fortech’s growth and details on the approach it took to prevail and honor its business commitments during COVID-19.

Calin Vaduva, CEO Fortech at Forbes Best Cities for Business

Calin Vaduva attended Forbes Romania – Best Cities for Business event.


As the world is cautiously reopening, Forbes Romania decided to sketch a blueprint of the business ecosystem in Romania one year and a half after the COVID-19 pandemic began. The conference gathered the pillars of the business community under one roof at the first live event after a long period of quarantine and lockdowns, Forbes Best Cities for Business.

VPs of international banks, airline directors, CEOs from the manufacturing industry, and founders of software development companies joined a live debate on growth, strategies for the future, and tactical investments. And what better city to host this event than Cluj-Napoca, the most “business-friendly” Romanian city, according to the Emerging Europe Business Perception Index for 2021 ranking.

How are companies in Romania adapting to the pandemic? What measures are keeping them safe and thriving?

For an airline company founded in Romania, the answer was a shift to cargo flights. Financial institutions had to adapt to an overwhelming number of online transactions, and shipping companies restructured their routes due to lockdowns.

For software development companies, such as Fortech, the new normal meant a quick shift to remote working, a deep analysis of the business risks, the adoption of an efficient communication and leadership plan, and a mindset focused on clients and the wellbeing of their projects. The client-centric approach fostered in the company since 2003 proved to be a critical element that helped Fortech successfully transition the most difficult months of the pandemic.

“What we did in 2020 helped us in 2021. In 2020, we chose to invest in our company, in our people, in the development of our sales team, in building internal tools. We have allocated a budget of about € 700k for internal tools, on top of other investments. A cautious mindset helped us grow in 2020 and maintain an ascending track in 2021, against the pandemic situation. Based on our revenue, we are the biggest IT company specialized in software outsourcing in Romania with a 100% Romanian ownership.”Calin Vaduva, CEO of Fortech.

Focus-words for the future: agile, investments, efficiency, human capital


Calin Vaduva and Dana Dima (Demetrian) at Forbes Best Cities for Business

Calin Vaduva and Dana Dima (Demetrian) joined the panel dedicated to “Successful Investments and Strategies.” 


As an established partner for fintech and banks worldwide, Fortech was invited to join one of Romania’s most important financial groups on stage for the panel “Successful Investment and Strategies.” Calin Vaduva and Dana Dima (Demetrian), Retail & Private Banking Executive Vice President, shared their advice for the future as businesses are slowly regaining their strengths.

“As for the future, it is essential to be agile and humble because the business ecosystem is ever-changing in all major cities in Romania. As a company with offices in four major cities in Romania, we have an overview of these changes, and the lesson we have learned in the previous year, as well in the last 15 years is that we always need to prepare for hard times and invest in our team.”Calin Vaduva, CEO of Fortech.

Over 100 leaders from the business sector attended Forbes Best Cities for Business. The event focused on the emerging business hubs in Romania, and Cluj-Napoca is not only an economically “friendly” city but was also chosen by the Emerging Europe Business Perception Index as the “smart city” of Europe in 2021. This category rewards the city for its efforts to establish itself as a world-renowned center of technology and innovation.

About Fortech

With a workforce of about 900 people, Fortech’s technical expertise spans across a variety of sectors, from automotive and financial to healthcare, and more. Fortech covers the end-to-end software lifecycle development to deliver the innovation, scalability, quality, and speed needed by its clients.

The company’s approach to software engineering combines strong technology and process know-how, Agile delivery methods, and a blend of code quality practices and metrics refined in almost two decades. Since 2003, over two hundred clients chose Fortech as their tech partner.