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Fortech is Returning to Qt World Summit

Fortech is getting back in the lineup at the Qt World Summit. The event is taking place on October 10-12 in Berlin, Germany.

Recognized as a reference opportunity for the global Qt community, the event gathers leading technology innovators, developers and engineers, business decision makers and product managers to share Qt related insights, upcoming releases and their perspectives about the future of software with Qt.

Qt World Summit 2017

Built around the theme “Build for Tomorrow – Deliver Today”, this year’s agenda covers five tracks including expert presentations, the latest demos and Qt applications, technical sessions and business insights for those who envision and develop tomorrow’s devices and applications. Over a period of three days, participants will have the opportunity to get behind the scenes of the Qt world and learn how to create amazing user experiences, maximize the development performance for embedded, desktop and mobile devices and be a part of the IoT future.

One of our software architects will join the business track to share his experience with Qt, acquired while working on a mobile project, as part of Fortech’s engagement with one of the most prominent eBike manufactures. He will dive into all the phases of software development, addressing the pros and challenges of building with Qt and emphasizing how using Qt as a cross-platform framework enabled the client to launch a new eBike model.

While recognizing the value that Qt can bring in a variety of industries, Fortech has embraced Qt opportunities in the automotive, embedded devices and IoT segments, going through the entire software life-cycle.

Join us in shaping the future with Qt and get familiar with the latest advancements and improvements in Qt at the workshop and conference in Berlin.