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Fortech Receives Bosch Global Supplier Award

  • Fortech has received a Bosch Global Supplier Award and thus ranks globally among the best suppliers of Bosch, a leading global supplier of technology and services.
  • Bosch has been presenting these awards to honor supplier excellence since 1987, and they are highly regarded in the industry.
  • Only 46 suppliers out of about 23,000 made it to the list this year, Fortech being one of them.
  • The official announcement published by Bosh can be accessed here.

Bosch honors the pick of its suppliers from around the world with the Bosch Global Supplier Award | Picture: Bosch

Picture: Bosch

Every two years, Bosch honors the pick of its suppliers from around the world with the Bosch Global Supplier Award. From its roughly 23,000 suppliers, Bosch singled out 46 suppliers from 16 countries for an award. The supplier of technology and services rewards outstanding performance in the manufacture and supply of raw materials, products, and services – notably as concerns quality, cost, innovation, and logistics. Fortech received the award in the category Purchasing of indirect materials and services.

“With the Bosch Global Supplier Award, we pay tribute to our best suppliers around the world. As partners in development and innovation, they play a major part in helping Bosch stay competitive. With this year’s Bosch Global Supplier Award, we honor not only our best suppliers’ excellence. The award is also an expression of appreciation for the spirit of partnership we have benefited from in the coronavirus pandemic.”- Dr. Arne Flemming, Head of Supply Chain Management at Bosch.

For Fortech, securing a spot on the winners’ podium at the 17th edition of the Bosch Global Supplier Award is the outcome of years of work on the tech frontline. With an experience of more than 17 years, Fortech’s leadership recognized the importance of constantly learning and adapting its service offering, including new technologies and data security procedures, along with its collaborative business model.



The company has constantly evolved its strategy to position itself as an agile and reliable software partner whose engagement goes beyond providing the traditional on-demand outsourcing services. The team took every opportunity to move up the value chain, by shifting from purely operating as service providers to acting as technology experts with a consultative approach, on each business vertical included in the strategic plan. This focus, paired with few foundational values oriented towards respect, reliability, and excellence, have propelled Fortech to the podium and in a position where it can help organizations of all sizes win in the age of digital transformation.

“We are greatly honored to make our debut among those very few software services suppliers who rose to the standards and inspiring mission of Bosch, especially in this world-changing year. As a quite young company, soon to turn 18, with 100% Romanian roots, we are very proud to work alongside global companies like Bosch. They inspire and nurture our progress through the opportunities they entrust us with. I extend sincere thanks to all Bosch team members for their partnership and friendship and to our team members at Fortech who have contributed to this success.” – Călin Văduva, CEO Fortech.

The two entities give each other edge to reach more customers while driving their digital agenda forward.

This year, Fortech was also selected in the IAOP® 2021 The Global Outsourcing 100® top companies list as one of the world’s best software services providers. Through its journey, the company received accolades from EY, Forbes Romania, and Deloitte.

About Fortech

With a workforce of 900+ people, Fortech’s technical expertise spans across a variety of sectors, from automotive and financial to healthcare and more. Fortech covers the end-to-end software lifecycle development to deliver the innovation, scalability, quality, and speed needed by its clients.

The company’s approach to software engineering combines strong technology and process know-how, Agile delivery methods, and a blend of code quality practices and metrics refined in almost two decades. Since 2003, over two hundred clients chose Fortech as their tech partner.

About supplier partnerships at Bosch

For Bosch, suppliers are also partners in development and innovation who help the company stay competitive. Bosch relies on partners who make it possible for the company to stay competitive over the long term. Partners who are willing to collaborate closely with the company can be involved at an early stage in strategies and development projects and gain useful insights into future requirements.

Currently, the Bosch Group’s purchasing and logistics volume amounts to roughly 35 billion euros. Most of the purchases are of electronic and mechanical components, but Bosch also buys resale goods, software, services, capital goods, and operating equipment. Worldwide, roughly 23,000 companies and service providers are Bosch suppliers.