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Fortech Says “Present” at Pioneers’19

This week, Fortech interacts with the latest technology trends and innovations at Pioneers’19, one of the leading tech events in Europe. Over 2,500 entrepreneurs, executives, and investors will join this year’s edition.

Fortech Says Present at Pioneers’19

Photo credits and source: Pioneers’18

A half-century ago, Stanley Kubrick gave life to Hal, the computer packed with human emotions and survival instincts. Hal used speech and facial recognition, could interpret emotional behaviors, appreciate art and play chess. These attributes were only speculations of scientists back in the 60s. However, today, part of them is a reality. Space Odyssey became a cult movie but also fed us with thoughts of redefining our world through artificial intelligence.

Pioneers’19 is one of the places for starting conversations about how deep tech is reshaping our society in a good way. 3D printing for medical use, social robots, advancing brain science with big data, medical technologies are few of the subjects that fill this year’s agenda. With a particular interest and already few exploratory projects with Big Data, AI, Cloud, Blockchain or Drones that complements our field of expertise, we are present at the event to learn and spark the conversation around the arising deep tech.

Since 2003, two hundred clients entrusted us as tech partner in their journeys of embracing emerging technologies. Beside our adaptive engagement model, that made us one of the top Romanian software providers, our clients have always appreciated our proactive or pioneering approach, since that helped them address their business needs in innovative and efficient ways. Thus, we are at Pioneers 19 to share these successful software development stories and bring in fresh input, that will help us to strengthen our client offering.

While keeping a customer-oriented approach, we experienced new advancements in technology, that brought us recognition from EY or Deloitte awards: The Fast 50 Central and Eastern Europe and The Technology Fast 500 EMEA.

Under the roof of a 500 years old Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna, selected tech leaders will walk the talks and make steps further in the future of technology. By exchanging knowledge, ideas, experiences and potentially putting resources together, we believe we can contribute to the next wave of tech innovation.

We are looking forward to meeting great talents and bold thinkers who will inspire us and contribute in building profitable business relationships. Pioneers, here we come.