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Fortech Selected in Top 15 Companies Recognized by Bucharest Stock Exchange as Powerful Business Players

During the 4th edition of the “Made in Romania” Gala, Fortech has been selected among the 15 finalists who made it in the entrepreneurship community led by the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Each year, the Bucharest Stock Exchange opens the door to new entrants seeking to connect and contribute to a vivid entrepreneurial ecosystem. Beyond realizing individual commercial success, these entities stimulate the growth of the local and regional economy at large.

“Made in Romania” is a national entrepreneurship program that honors specifically the spirit of partnership, innovation, and dedication displayed by local and regional business players, who act as growth engines for the Romanian economy.

As a young company with 100% Romanian ownership and roots, Fortech matches the profile of entrepreneurial companies who dream and build successful businesses from Romania and has become part of the select community led by the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

This recognition acknowledges Fortech’s ability to apply technology and talent to attract and help clients create new value on the market by enabling agile, cost-effective, and secure operations.

According to the Gala organizers, about 318 companies were nominated, and the jury selected only 15 to become part of the community this year, Fortech being the single custom software development company.


“Thank you for selecting Fortech as a finalist among the most committed business players made in Romania. Fortech enjoys the recognition of many international entities, including international outsourcing organizations, Deloitte, EY, or Bosch Global. Yet being recognized in our county by peer entrepreneurs is special for us. Romania is the space from where we craft software, find talented people and inspiration and forge partnerships with clients from all over the world. This is the place we are emotionally most attached to, regardless of the hardships we might sometimes face in the creation process. We owe this recognition to all those who work with us and help us generate valuable software projects.” – said Călin Văduva, CEO Fortech.


Present at the Gala, Valentin Filip, Fortech’s Director of Investment Division declared:

“We are a company with 100% ownership, that constantly grew in the last 18 years and is aiming to continue the upward trend. Our profits fuel our development objectives, and apart from growing our own business, we are willing to shoulder the evolution of other companies as well, thus generating economic growth at large. Through our dedicated division, Fortech Investments, we invite collaboration -whether from startups and founders-, and direct part of our profits to grow the next-gen tech products.”


Apart from being a finalist of “Made in Romania,” this semester Fortech became part of a selected group of Bosch’s global software suppliers ecosystem after being ranked by IAOP among the best 100 worldwide software services suppliers in H1 and previously recognized by EY, Forbes, or Deloitte.

About Fortech

With a workforce of 900+ people, Fortech’s technical expertise spans across various sectors, from automotive and financial to healthcare, industrial manufacturing and more. Fortech covers the end-to-end software lifecycle development to deliver the innovation, scalability, quality, and speed needed by its clients.

The company’s approach to software engineering combines robust technology and process know-how, Agile delivery methods, and a blend of code quality practices and metrics refined in almost two decades. Since 2003, over two hundred clients chose Fortech as their tech partner.