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Fortech Present at TechXLR8 in London

Last week our colleagues attended one of the largest Europe’s tech festivals, TechXLR8. Over 600 tech speakers and 300+ exhibitors were brought together to share latest insights in digital innovation with over 15,000 participants. 


The event everybody was talking about these days, TechXLR8, happened between 12th and 14th June in London. TechXLR8 is a festival of technology, that brings together 8 technology events under the same roof: 5G World, IoT World Europe, Cloud & DevOps World, AR&VR World, Digital CX World, Smart Transportation & Mobility, Blockchain 360, Project Kairos. From the last edition, this year’s event featured new topics, like Blockchain or the importance of inclusive innovation in an evolving tech ecosystem.

At Fortech, we are particularly pursuing an interest in the areas of IoT, Cloud&DevOps and smart transportation and mobility, where our teams have experience in delivering projects for demanding clients from mature markets.

Forbes, Wired, The Sunday Times, Euronews broadcasted live transmissions and covered the most relevant talks and panels held by this year’s change makers. Challenge the expected. Change the future. Be a change maker. was the empowering message for 15,000+ attendees with 48%+ C-level.

Over 300+ leading minds in tech held presentations about how we can shape our connected future and deepen our customer relationship.

The participants from 8,000 companies had the opportunity to get their hands on the latest techs, among them IoT demos and tech in action in the automotive industry, understanding the challenging opportunities that are in the industry and related sectors.

Based on a research published by Forbes, 2/3 of the companies are currently incorporating IoT solutions in their business and their needs are growing. Fortech’s IoT experience gathered so far spans device programming and specific IoT solutions for Cloud and Big Data. In device programming, our nearshore teams are assisting projects that include embedded devices, machine to machine communications and OTA (Over the Air Updates). For the Cloud & Big Data, Fortech’s expertise includes REST APIs, SDK development and testing.

In 2017, 84% of the companies have adopted aspects of DevOps principles, according to a study. Fortech was one of them. Starting with last year, we refined our DevOps services, enhancing continuous applications delivery for our clients, who gained business agility, time to market and higher quality.

TechXLR8 helped us keep the pace with change and was a great source of inspiration to get connected with the latest tech trends. In this way, we can understand better our client’s needs and what technology means for them.