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Halloween at Fortech

The Celtic celebration of “hallowed evening” or, in common use, Halloween, has visited Fortech and covered it in splendor and horror on October 30th. Creepy faces, awful sweets, spooky decorations, strangers in the offices had drawn the specific atmosphere of “After work horror”. BlogPersonalHalloweenAtFortech For Halloween, Fortech organized a group contest and involved our colleagues to decorate their offices in the most beautiful, strange or totally spooky way. There were a lot of interesting artistic decorations, homemade sweets with painted faces, a lot of gummy worms, nasty food, creepy masks, a hanging mannequin and even a new colleague, from the “other side”, who had joined the 104 Office. The team who arranged the best decoration of the office has received sweet awards. In the evening, our colleagues took their best costumes and have transformed into spooky creatures of the darkness, for the party. All the guests enjoyed good music, the classic pumpkin pie, the pumpkin carving contest and a Horror Movie. lFortechCelebratingHalloween Work can be creepy if it’s just about routine. That’s why a little fun might cause a great change in your productivity. Or a creepy fun.

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