Case study

In-App Advertising Platform


  • Includes a reporting API for compiling reports on various KPIs and metrics by period.
  • Features a custom software development kit (SDK) for a fast integration for Android and iOS.
  • Compliant with industry standards MRAID 3.0 and VAST 4.1.

Java, iOS, Android, JavaScript


Software Development


Team Size

2.5 Years





Our client is a global company expanding on three continents, revolutionizing in-app advertising. The one billion monthly mobile users platform represents an ecosystem that ensures the connection between publishers and demanders.

The solution, an intelligent self-service platform, and a full-featured publisher ad server has an automated process powered by new technologies. The process of connecting app developers, mobile publishers, and advertisers takes less than a second.

  • The Ad Request triggered by a user while using an app goes through our client’s platform, which includes RTB;
  • As the Ad Request reaches the Demand Side advertises start the Bid based on an alignment of interests between their targeting parameters and the information provided in the Ad Request;
  • When the Bid is set, the Ad is served in the App, to the user.

The platform integrates a detection system based on machine learning for harmful ads, ensuring the quality of the ads served in the app.


The collaboration began with a distributed team. We are providing custom software development services for the client. Our team is using Angular to build the publisher platform, a full-featured ad server. Through it, the client connects publishers to the demand side platforms and the integrated ad networks.

The platform operates a highly available, globally distributed, latency-bound web service hosted exclusively on Amazon Web Services. The environment relies heavily on Ubuntu LTS in EC2, as well as many other AWS services.

The project is divided into four verticals: Core – includes Data Management and the Java Development; DevOps – responsible for the platform’s infrastructure and its maintenance; End Customer Facing – the platform as seen by the publishers and demanders and Integrate – integration with the platform to access the demand partners.

The client’s team ensures Project Management.

Client Benefits


A long-term collaboration between the software development team and the client


High-quality deliverables built with modern technologies


Mixed seniority team with strong technical and industry know-how