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In Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE

In Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE 2014 - for software outsourcing services from Romania

Becoming one of the selected group of the 6 Romanian companies that brought Romania the third place among the most dynamic IT companies in Central Europe was no easy feat. The 37th position, which beats by 1 that of last year, is an honor for us and a recognition of the progress we have made both technically and administratively. This achievement happened without any foreign investment in the company, as Fortech is still a 100% Romanian business. Not relying on infusions of capital from abroad added new dimensions to the financial, operational and market-related challenges we had to face, and which we overcame in style, becoming one of the largest software outsourcing providers in Romania.

Fortech made it on the select Technology Fast 50 list for the fourth time.

“The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in Central Europe is a program that recognizes and profiles fast growing technology companies in the region. The program, which is now in its 15th year, ranks the 50 fastest growing public or private technology companies.
Technology Fast 50 award winners for 2014 are determined based on the revenue growth over five years (2009 to 2013). Revenue growth is calculated in local currency. Companies must meet a minimum annual revenue threshold of € 50.000 in order to qualify.”

Fortech evolved continuously, becoming in time a mature organization and a stable business. Its strength increased gradually, as a result of sound strategic decisions and improved operational efficiency. We have been focusing on:

  • Current customers with quality service, timing and reliability. This approach paved the way for long term, stable partnerships, which represent a solid foundation for our further development. Customer satisfaction is measured periodically through feedback questionnaires and face to face meetings;
  • Constantly improving the organization, processes and tools. We innovate year by year, day by day at all the levels of the organization. We set up an internal process improvement task force and an operation board, groups that coordinate and monitor different activities aimed at innovating throughout the company. All the departments are involved in this continuous improvement process;
  • Building an organization where people like to work, which will ensure stability, good perspectives for growing, a nice work environment and a company culture adapted to the mindset from Western Europe. Our HR department is the biggest support department at Fortech and is actively involved in different directions such as recruitment, smooth onboarding, organization of training sessions, performance management and social activity planning;
  • Constantly moving the organization to a new level to gain competitive advantages. In this context, the perspectives offered by the new office brought Fortech one step ahead of the local competition;
  • Strengthening our marketing and pre-sales departments as far as processes, organization, support materials and team structure go.

This effort was a common endeavor made by cross-functional project teams that included people from all the levels of the organization. The long term focus of the company is stability and continuity. To this end, we made a significant investment in building our modern office, with all the facilities our people and customers need to achieve excellent results. This will facilitate the further development of the company, opening new perspectives for our team, and will offer the foundation for further investment in our people (training, workshops, social activities, etc. ) with direct impact on the quality of our services and on our business outcomes.