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Let’s talk about Intelligent Automation at EY’s Regional Conference

  • Fortech’s VP Clients and Strategic Partnerships, Alex Dima, joins EY’s Intelligent Automation Conference lineup to share perspectives on the future of work in the era of IA;
  • EY’s Intelligent Automation Regional Conference is one of the largest and most comprehensive events of its kind in Romania and from the EY CESA region.

Alex Dima Joins EY’s Intelligent Automation Conference Lineup

Intelligent automation is synonymous with the new era of automated technologies and has the power to give companies a unique competitive edge and redefine organizational agility. As an early adopter with an eye to the future, Fortech is constantly searching for new ways to exceed conventional performance tradeoffs and achieve higher levels of efficiency and quality. With this purpose in sight, we are attending the 2019 edition of EY’s Intelligent Automation Regional Conference. This is one of the largest and most important events of its kind in Romania and from EY CESA region.

We are joining over 200 participants to explore the state of the automation market advances, the new-age digital programs, and the top trending IA technologies as we aspire to enrich our software development expertise. More than that, we are ready to spark the conversation in this field through practical insights and share perspectives with attendees and speakers from around the world.


Meet Fortech at EY’s Intelligent Automation Regional Conference

EY is bringing into focus, through a series of sessions, the challenges of IA implementation and the collateral changes triggered by these disruptive technologies. Intelligent automation is the catch-all phrase for disruptive technologies. It embeds robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive computing, and smart analytics. All these transform the way we work and live.

With an impressive track record in key leadership roles in some of the biggest names in tech, Alex Dima, Vice-President at Fortech, will join a selected group of leaders to exchange views around the changing workforce landscape in the era of IA. The panel hosted under the “Intelligent Talks” section is going to be moderated by Craig Le Clair, Vice President and Principal Analyst Serving Enterprise Architecture Professionals at Forrester.

“I’m so excited to deep dive into one of the hottest conversation topics nowadays. What an extraordinary opportunity it is to explore new work scenarios in what must be a unique moment in modern human history. I’m looking forward to an illuminating debate on how continued technology innovation is going to impact the value of work for both business and people, alongside other driving forces, like demography, longevity or talent and cultural mobility.” (Alex Dima)

There’s plenty of room for debate around the forces that shape the future of work. Too many questions revolve around the concept. What set of activities or occupations are going to decline and which new ones are going to emerge? How will we work alongside machines? How does the workplace change in terms of mechanics of work as well as relationship dynamics? What is going to be the adoption rate and the impact level of the new work structures in both advanced and developing countries? and many others we’re ready to explore in our capacity as a strategic tech partner and advisor to our clients.

We are equally excited to attend the talks and keynotes on how to maximize the automation potential and how to redesign the technological environment to be scalable. Speakers from around the world are attending the event and we are eager to learn, enrich the conversation and help put IA in the spotlight.


EY recognized Fortech for its Entrepreneurial Journey

The conference on IA is the second event hosted by EY that Fortech is attending in 2019. In February, our CEO, Calin Vaduva, has received the second prize at the Romanian EY Entrepreneurship of the Year Gala, at the category Emerging Entrepreneur: Innovation and Technology. Classified as one of the world’s most emblematic business awards programs, Entrepreneur of the Year assesses and acknowledges the entrepreneurial companies who remarked themselves as game changers in their sector.

EY Intelligent Automation Regional Conference 2019 is taking place on September 17th in Bucharest, Romania. Meet us there!

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