Claudiu Faur

Director of Engineering

Claudiu Faur joined Fortech in 2018 and is now leading one of Fortech’s Software Engineering Departments (SED). The team’s nickname for the SED reflects their determination and commitment – The Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies.

An engineer at heart (TUCN University alumnus) with almost a decade of management experience, he easily talks about tech and business. In his daily job, he brings adaptability and a competitive mindset to the table, no matter the context.

Claudiu knows that people thrive at their work when they feel empowered, so he sets clear goals, has high expectations, and delegates, thus offering his team the space and independence they need to do their job well. A “big picture” thinker, he walks his talk and does not shy away from any task he would expect from his team.

A big sports fan and a movie buff, he will beat you at Trivia in those domains any day of the week.

Claudiu Faur