Cristian Bujor

Director of Engineering

Cristian Bujor joined the company in early 2004, after graduating from Babeş-Bolyai University – Faculty of Computer Science, and has built his entire IT career at Fortech. During these wonderful and challenging years, he became part of a strong network and evolved professionally from the software development area to the unit management structure, and he now holds a strategic role in the company.

As Director of Engineering, Cristi assembles teams, brings equilibrium, and is a source of motivation for the software engineering department.

His solid software engineering background, combined with his experience with different technologies, multiple projects, and clients across all industries, help him better understand the needs of Fortech’s clients and colleagues. Therefore, he can find the best available solution for each project. As his personal credo, he challenges the team to always strive for better results, improve the current processes, and set higher goals.

Cristi has the utmost respect and appreciation for his colleagues and considers them his second family. Reliability is a powerful word for him when it comes to his team. Thus, he cannot be prouder that the new colleagues who continuously join Fortech’s growing team are outstanding, reliable professionals and beautiful persons. Being one of the oldest employees in the company, Cristi is proud that the department management team is formed by what he dares to consider ‘old friends.’

Cristian Bujor