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Marketing Through the Digital “Window”. An Enlarged View for 2016

The new year is upon us, with many events already happening. January ended with the launch of the 43rd issue of Today Software Magazine (TSM). This issue presents a few short predictions for 2016 as seen by the local IT managers as well as articles covering both technical and general business topics. Our colleague and marketing manager contributed with an article on digital marketing. This outlines the key principles and the perspective from which a business should address brand communication in the new digital era.

Marketing Through the Digital “Window”

Our selections from the article include:

  • “The rising stars are facebook marketing, social media marketing and google marketing“.
  • “Marketing should be neither tool-driven nor channel first. It should be customer first: intimately know your customers (the problems they have, things they care about, habits they have), tailor your marketing to that (messaging, channels, timing etc.), measure and seek to constantly improve”.
  • “We cannot ignore the growing adoption of mobile devices, the improved access to the Internet and the consumer shifts brought on by these trends. Nor can we ignore the tremendous value of technology in marketing”.
  • “It is marketing’s role to design the customer experience with the product, service or brand throughout every online and offline touch point”.
  • “Let 2016 be the year of integration. And the year when we return to the basics of segmentation – targeting – positioning, buyer personas, the marketing mix and the rest of the marketing strategy and tactics, traditional or digital”.

We don’t know yet how this story of the new digital will unfold but one thing is clear: it should be approached in an integrated, comprehensive and coherent way. The entire article can be read here.

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