Case study

Mobile Bike Application


  • As part of the Cloud system, this mobile app acts as a control center, and it supports several activities.
  • All important functions can be controlled via a thumb controller.

Android, iOS, JavaScript, Mobile, Mobile-cross platform, NodeJS, React, ReactJS, VueJS2


Software Development, Maintenance


Team Size

7 Years





The product is a smartphone app that acts as a support center for navigation, route planning, music control, fitness tracking, and other activities that are in direct correlation with outdoor biking.

The assistance functions use Bluetooth sensors that can be connected via the app and controlled via the thumb controller.


The project started in 2019, but the collaboration between our client and Fortech began earlier with a core team that was working on some other projects.

A mixed team of software developers from Fortech, the client, and the end client has been created to complete the application. Because of the team’s complexity, agile software development was applied for constant collaboration and continuous improvement at every stage of the project.

In order to create a safe environment for the information shared, the collaboration took place over VPN with strict access in place.

Fortech has been able to maintain a consistent on-site presence through a blend of staff rotation and intensive knowledge transfer, resulting in perfect conformity with all mandatory technological procedures, quality controls, and legal standards.

Client Benefits

Next Level UI

As confirmed by the feedback provided by the users in the app stores, the mobile app takes the experience at the next level.

Regular Maintenance

Regular software updates and new features provided by our maintenance team keep the system constantly up to date.

Smart Connectivity

The product is developed with smart connectivity in order for the user to stay connected to multiple apps at the same time.