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Mobile Development Insights in Today Software Magazine

Mobile insights from Today Software Magazine

The 15th issue of Today Software Magazine (TSM) includes two contributions from Fortech’s mobile development team. One discusses MVVM design pattern in Windows Phone 8 and the other presents a debate on native versus hybrid applications in mobile development.

Our colleague Cosmin Stirbu presents the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM), a very popular design pattern for Windows Phone application development. Comparisons to the Model-View-Controller design pattern are discussed, as well as how MVVM applies in Windows Phone 8. The variety of MVVM libraries and tools makes it facile and attractive for developing applications that are easy to maintain, improve and test.

Hybrid versus native mobile application development is the topic discussed by our colleague Catalin Prata. Advantages and disadvantages of each approach are presented, while the decision favoring one or the other should be based on criteria related to the budget, the complexity of animations and the marketplace where the application is aimed to be published.

For further insights, please access the current issue of TSM.