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Fortech’s New Headquarters, Great for Both Work and Play

I must confess I have been longing to make this announcement for a very long time.

Here we are, successfully moving one team at a time to the modern building owned by the company, happy that the quality of our offices is among the highest in Cluj. It gives me great joy to see the big move going as planned, a big part of the Fortech team being already settled in their new home. I would like to thank all the teams involved (IT, HR, Support etc.) and look forward to having the entire Fortech “family” on Strada Frunzisului in the shortest time possible.

Fortech new office - the happy Bistro  Headquarters of Fortech, a software outsourcing company  Fortech`s new headquarter - Board Room

The main reason for this project was to ensure ideal conditions for our activities; by this I mean not only the office spaces but also the generous ones for training, socializing, relaxing – cafeteria, fun room, terrace, etc. The latter exceed by far what we had at our previous offices. I am confident we will be feeling their impact slowly but surely. The value of the project is not in the office building itself but in the possibilities this new environment will bring and which I look forward to converting. Your support and involvement will be essential in this process.

The new context will position us at a totally different level in the relationships with our current and potential customers and the improved infrastructure will enable the organizational consolidation both in the operational processes and in the services we offer.

In summary, the new headquarters offers us the right setting for our further development and positions Fortech at a new level on the Cluj market. This improvement is already felt both in recruitment and in visibility. I am confident similar results will soon show in the internal processes and our business relationships. Work lounge at new headquarter Fortech`s new headquarter - office spaceFortech new office

This office building means for us far more than a step forward; we should rather consider it a huge leap, according to one of our colleagues. The investment has already been considerable, but the commitment is long-term and represents our bet for stability and continuity. While only seeing the projected costs would make most organizations in Cluj shy away from such projects, we are happy we took the challenge, as the new office is undoubtedly the perfect foundation for a healthy development of the company. This engagement is also for Cluj-Napoca, the place where I took my first steps and grew up. Making sure we will not jeopardize our stability and continuity we will continue the investments in different areas like products, training, organizational development, new services, etc.

With the bulk of effort behind, we doubtlessly have enough left to achieve in this project in the near future. We all know that running a civil engineering task on such a scale is no easy feat in Romania. The results justified the considerable effort and I hope we will all be enjoying them every day that follows, for many years to come, both as members of the organization and as individuals.

I would like to thank you all for getting involved with heart and soul in the project, and especially Mrs. Silvia Banabic, who bore the bulk of burden administratively, legally and at the building site.

Calin Vaduva, CEO