Case study

Online Marketplace Framework


  • White-label software for building your own custom, scalable and secure online marketplace.
  • The frontend is implemented as a single-page application.
  • Slave mode integration in mobile hybrid applications.

The Product

The product is a white-label online marketplace framework developed and licensed by Fortech. It enables entrepreneurs to build and customize their digital marketplace for on-demand services.

In matters of weeks, clients can launch their marketplace without the hassle of software development.

The product is mainly used as an efficient platform for the interaction between the members of two user groups: users that have a need (something that needs to be accomplished, known as a request) and users that can meet that need through an offer.

Its architecture allows it to be customized, extended, and scaled up to serve various verticals and needs that might change in time.

Fortech developed the online marketplace framework with one of the company’s product development teams in a highly dynamic Agile Scrum environment.

Product Components

Presentation Website: responsive, single page application, designed for streamlined user experience.

Search & Matching Engine: flexible engine that enables matching of requests to relevant providers based on geolocation or any other criteria.

Administrator Interface: easy to use administrator interface for content and user activity moderation and statistics.

Mobile Apps: iOS and Android hybrid mobile applications with push notifications.

Business Features: SEO and analytics integrations and built-in features, social media integrations, bookmarks, comments, ratings, reviews, branded provider page, geolocation with Google Maps, multi-language support, multi-currency support and user support (integration with Jira).

Client Benefits

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