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Paul Avram, Search Engineer, on His Tech Journey from Gaming to Copyright Detection


Join us as we explore the story of Paul Avram, a dedicated Search Engineer who started to cultivate his interest in the IT world with gaming and high school coding contests. Proficient in Python, Elasticsearch, and data science, he joined GlobalLogic Romania and now focuses on copyright infringement detection using Python and Elasticsearch.   

Get a glimpse of #BehindTheCode. Check out how Paul strives to improve the organization by placing strong emphasis on project data management and fostering a goal-driven culture within a supportive and diverse team.



Hello, Paul, welcome to the #BehindTheCode series. We are happy to have you with us. Let’s start by sharing a bit about yourself.

I am from Bacau, and my fascination with computers began with a childhood passion for console gaming. It continued in high school when we had many programming classes. I was guided by my parents toward this specialization. I even had to take an exam that I passed. This was the moment my true IT journey began. Then, step by step, each solved problem helped me learn and improve myself. The applied informatics and algorithmics classes really helped me, so that in the last year of high school I was already attending computer science contests.

As I gained more knowledge and experience, I started to take on paid projects, which helped me understand how the client approach and teamwork really work. I also realized that not all the elements of the project are under your control, and I learned how to deal with them and get the job done.

My undergraduate experience did not meet my expectations, so I got a real job in my second year of college. It was at a local creation studio, where I really enjoyed the project and our freedom while playing with robots, small cars, and servers. It was an app that was sold after two-three years of development.

My second job was more backend-oriented and came with more responsibilities. This is where I became a Python and Elasticsearch Expert. I was the only Search Engineer there, learning a lot of new stuff: working with people, convincing them, and members of the management. This position also gave me the freedom to create. The six years spent in this position were the most important for my career in terms of acquiring knowledge in data engineering, data search, and data science.

Being already “in love” with search engineering, I was happy to seize the opportunity to work with Fortech and GlobalLogic Romania on this project. My work brings together programming, data modeling, and data science to help users get beautiful search results.


Tell us about your role and describe the project you are working on.

I joined the team about six months ago for a special GlobalLogic Romania project. I am a Search Engineer, more exactly, an Elasticsearch Expert.

As I mentioned before, I came for a specific project that had as its scope the detection and reporting of copyright infringements of visual identity. Moreover, there is a platform that detects if a specific image is used without a prior copyright agreement. My contribution to this project is related to the search part. I am working with Elasticsearch, a very popular technology that is also very versatile, since it uses large volumes of data. In addition to my technical responsibilities, I also undertake tasks related to managing, administering, and educating our colleagues.


What’s the project’s tech stack like?

The project is a platform that uses REST API, Python, and Elasticsearch.. We have various libraries of Elasticsearch to monitor and document and for statistics.


What’s your favorite thing about this project? What about the most challenging one(s)?

There are many things I like about this project. I like my responsibilities when working with data flows and the focus on objectives. Moreover, I like the high volume of work, which I find very rewarding. I am also pleased with my team, and I’m delighted that we were able to successfully implement numerous positive changes. I appreciate that the entire project revolves around work, collaboration, and development.

As in life, there are also some challenges. These challenges come from our desire to become better and better and from continuously raising our standards. Improvement is not possible without constant learning, and we really do live by this principle.


How about the team? What’s the vibe in here?

We have a team of ten people who really know the meaning of teamwork. Collaboration is the name of the game. The team is relatively young, having been formed only six months ago, and consists of individuals from various European countries (Romania, the UK, and Sweden). We have Data Specialists (Warehouse and Migration), Elasticsearch Specialists, and QAs. We recently got a Scrum Master and a Product Owner, too. 

We have a healthy sense of humor; we like jokes, and we have a great vibe within our team. We also have a game that we play for every Sprint Review.


What’s next in your career journey?

I plan to continue my career path by continually enhancing my professional skills. I intend to build on the experience I have gained, set solid foundations, and consistently see tasks through while maintaining a realistic approach.


What advice would you give to someone interested in joining GlobalLogic Romania?

For me, joining GlobalLogic Romania is more than just another job. It’s about becoming part of a community that values your input and encourages your personal and professional development. It’s an environment that nurtures your potential and allows you to thrive while contributing to a collective success story.

GlobalLogic is a large company, which means they have many interesting projects to choose from. You can explore, develop skills, and learn along the way. Also, the collaboration within the teams is special. This friendly and encouraging atmosphere makes the work environment not only enjoyable but also very satisfying.