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Pre-employment Training Time

This autumn Fortech hosts 5 Pre-employment Training Programs covering various fields: Mobile (both Android and iOS), ASP.NET, Java, QA Automation and Web. BSC or MSc students/graduates in IT fields are invited to join a 3, 6 or 8 weeks Training Programs, which combine both theoretical and practical components. Trainees have the chance to explore the fundamentals of the chosen programming language and metabolize them throughout the entire course. At the end of the sessions, the luckiest and the most hard-working trainees might get a job contract with Fortech.


All Pre-employment Training Programs are delivered by our colleagues, mid and senior level developers with strong experience in various IT projects spanning different industries. They approve the curriculum, the lists of participants and guide trainees during all lessons, home works and evaluate the whole evolution of the participants.

In the first stage, potential participants are required to go through an online test, which includes relevant questions from the chosen field. Once accepted for the training, participants are attending the sessions held at Fortech’s headquarter and work on several homework assignments. Some of the most proactive trainees are given the chance to join our team at the end of the course.

Fortech started to organize free Pre-employment Training Programs since the beginning of 2015. More than 100 participants have enjoyed the courses so far. The series planned for this autumn started with a session on COBOL and would continue with Java, ASP.Net, QA and others. Follow us for more details about the upcoming training sessions.

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