Case study

Property Asset Management Application


  • A digital asset management solution for community residents and landlords/operators.
  • The client currently serves over four million apartment homes nationwide and is in a strong expansion mode.

Mobile: iOS, Android; Web front-end: JavaScript, Mobile Cross-platform, Ember JS, Node JS; Back-end: Ruby on Rails


Code Refactoring, Specs Development, Software Development, Software Testing, Project Management


Team Size

2 Years


Real Estate



Our client is a US-based real estate software company. They built a digital platform for property asset management. The tool is designed to facilitate community interaction, services, and preventive maintenance for all buildings in a residential area. Apart from that, it helps optimize capital investments throughout the property lifecycle.

The client envisioned a modern residential experience by enabling centralized service management of all the components that make up a residential living space, be it an apartment, the complex pool, or a home appliance.

  • Residents gain access to detailed asset histories or tracking options for any particular property or asset in their residential community;
  • Landlords/operators can plan service workflows and deploy service technicians on a priority or emergency basis.

The platform can be customized for different types of communities managing their buildings, such as military housing, manufactured housing, multifamily residences, student housing, senior, or even corporate housing.

As a growing company, the client needed technical support in upgrading and delivering the robust platform they have in place today.


The client approached us to support the evolution of its core product under an effective scale up and down model. At the moment of engagement, the client had a fast and challenging product map while dealing with dependencies and the technical dept. Delivery of a fast product roadmap was required. Some key interventions from our team:

  • Refactored the platform logic, from 1-to-1 to multisite management;
  • Defined a specifications documentation practice;
  • Supported a back-end technology upgrade from Ruby 1 to Ruby 4;
  • Enriched the web and mobile app with a new set of features, including multisite management, resident communications with landlords and service teams, asset management, and others;
  • Prepared a testing vision that allowed the client to navigate blockers in the production and speeded up the product roadmap delivery;
  • Proposed and adopted practical process improvements to delivery management by shaping an Agile team culture and calibrating with the client leadership in the early stage of the collaboration.

Client Benefits

Time to Market

The platform enjoyed a rapidly expanding user base from 600,000 to over 4 million users.


High-quality deliverables. Coding best practices in agreement with the client’s technical leadership team. Achieved cross-modular and cross-platform consistency.

Next-Level Experience

The refreshed product takes the residential experience to the next level. Confirmed by a perfect score of ten given by users.