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Why Quality Assurance Outsourcing in Romania

Fortech understands the importance of quality assurance in all the phases of the software development process and, regardless of the project’s complexity, can meet your needs. Our team of QA engineers comprises over 150 specialists, 70% of them ISTQB certified. See Fortech’s QA Services.

Quality assurance outsourcing has grown in popularity in the past decade. Whether clients contract quality assurance as a stand-alone service or integrate software development teams with QA specialists, quality is always a top priority in their software development projects.

Romania has been on the IT outsourcing map for many years now, building capabilities and gaining valuable know-how by developing projects for clients from both nearshore and offshore locations, such as the USA, Germany or Australia.

A comprehensive range of IT educational programs combined with many years of QA experience and of working in multicultural teams made Romania’s quality assurance engineers some of the best in Eastern-Europe.

People and QA Expertise

Famous for their “bug hunting” skills, Romanian QA engineers are highly competent and can provide much more than simple manual or automated software testing services. The vast majority of the quality assurance engineers in Romania are ISTQB certified and take advantage of many continuous learning programs, thus expanding their competencies at a high pace.

IT hubs and universities in Romania constantly focus their efforts towards educational programs that equip the task force with both IT and communication skills. All Romanian QA engineers speak English fluently and can articulate their opinions and communicate efficiently with the clients, while some of them also speak German and French.

Furthermore, the expertise of the Romanian QA engineers surpasses the basic outsourcing needs. They can provide an entire quality assurance solution, from quality assurance analysis and planning to software test design and QA execution and reporting.


“Quality is not ensured just by testing the software. It is the combined result of QA strategies that tackle coverage, risk management and change management. And also of building frameworks that enable continuous delivery at the pace of the businesses. This implies analysis, planning a vision and most importantly communication with all the stakeholders, be they project managers, release managers, developers and architects, business analysists and product owners. In the end, it all blends into creating a culture that relies not just on technical focus but also on adaptation and continuous learning.” 

Maria, Senior QA Engineer at Fortech

Romania as an Outsourcing Destination

One of the most attractive outsourcing destinations in Europe, Romania is known for its strong IT outsourcing expertise and a large pool of qualified people. As a software company, Fortech has over 100 .NET outsourcing developers, over 150 software testers, 240+ skilled Java software developers, and hundreds of other professionals ready to handle projects of the highest complexity.

The focus on long-term collaborations, proximity to Western European cultures, generally lower rates than in other European countries and the availability to provide end-to-end software outsourcing services at any given time are just a few of the advantages of quality assurance outsourcing to Romania.

Discover more about why Romania is a perfect software outsourcing destination here.

Flexibility and Security

The majority of the software outsourcing and quality assurance outsourcing providers from Romania pay special attention to protecting their clients’ data. Information security policies, information security standards and business continuity management policies are strictly applied in any quality assurance project.

Furthermore, the IT Romanian companies provide full protection of all clients’ personally identifiable data, by committing to not distribute, duplicate, disclose or make available the personally identifiable data to any third parties in any other way.

The flexibility of the Romanian QA providers can be seen in the variety of the outsourcing engagement models offered. From dedicated teams to project outsourcing, Romanian companies are ready to accommodate any need. Learn more about the Romanian outsourcing engagement models here.


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