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Fortech’s CEO: Outsourcing Will Dominate the Romanian IT Industry for the Next Decade

Our CEO, Calin Vaduva, shared his perspectives on the evolution of the Romanian IT industry in the Business Review magazine.

The interview published in Business Review emphasized aspects regarding the current state of the Romanian IT industry, how we counteract the increasing competition from Asian and other East-Central European countries, but also how we maintain our positive international perception. Most of the clients identify Romanian market with quality software providers, relatively fast scale of teams and security.

Calin Vaduva Talking About the Romanian IT Industry | Fortech

Calin concluded that there is space for growth in the market, we have experienced teams and mature software engineers. 5 to 10 years ago, the investors perceived the Romanian market as a destination for cost optimization. Meanwhile, the Romanian IT industry had reached a cost limit that is possible to be overcome if local engineers position themselves at another value-added level. There are ways to cope with the increasing international competition. Unfortunately, not all stands in the hands of the companies and its workforce, the tax regulation and legislation can encourage or inhibit the development of the Romanian IT industry.

The conversation approached subjects about how product development can change the way the IT companies do business. Currently, most of the companies active in the Romanian IT industry are providing software outsourcing services. Few of them are making efforts in developing their products. Calin highlighted that there are markets, like Cluj’s, where the community encourages start-ups in technology. A significant impact was the constant interactions with mature markets that boosted companies’ interest in R&D projects, product development exercises, or even products ready to go to market. Fortech, for example, had invested continuously over the last five years in internal prototypes or product development programs.

Read the full interview published by Business Review here.