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Perspectives of the Romanian IT – Today Software Magazine article

Summary of article from Today Software Magazine

Ovidiu Simionica shared his thoughts on the present and future of the Romanian IT in the “Romanian IT quo vadis” article published in the 25th issue of Today Software Magazine.

According to Ovidiu, making the high volume business of software outsourcing profitable requires the use of special tools. Just applying the ISO standards to software development cannot help, since coding has nothing in common with highly predictable businesses like cheese manufacturing.

Ovidiu considers work processes and know-how the two elements which can make the difference between success and failure. The latter is currently addressed better than ever with internal training programs and certification programs, while the former has been constantly improved since the beginning of outsourcing in Romania. Software quality assurance is the only black sheep in this equation since local companies still rely on old bad habits in this process.

The last part of the article makes a summary of several means and tools appropriate for this field such as the versioning tool, project documentation & issue tracking, continuous integration using tools like Jenkins, automated testing, quality metrics and code reviewing.

Ovidiu wraps up by introducing the Cluj IT Cluster, the formal setting that can be looked up to by local software companies aiming at maintaining high levels of professionalism.



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