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Romanian Testing Conference 2013 – An Event of the Romanian Testing Community

The Romanian Testing Community has been created as a reference point for those Romanian software testers who want to share and discuss ideas and thoughts about their experiences in testing or Quality Assurance.

Romanian Testing Community Conference 2013

Founded in 2011, the Romanian Testing Community brings people together and connects them through their passion and interest for quality and testing. As great ideas can only be built if shared and polished by different opinions and different views, the community is here to do that for the software quality assurance professionals in Romania.

The testing community organized the second edition of the Romanian Testing Conference in 2013. The event attracted prestigious speakers from all over the world, who shared their rich experience. The speakers covered all the areas of expertise, from examples of thinking models to testing strategies.


Concepts and best practices


The subjects of this second edition ranged from: “A tester`s thinking”, “Automation strategies”, “Calibration of testing instruments”, “QA`s roles”, “Methodologies for data testing management” and “Continuous integration” to “Creation of testing strategies”.

From these diverse subjects the following aspects were chosen as the most relevant for the QA field:

  • Continuous Integration
    A well-known practice of software development, which implies that every member of the team integrates his/her work daily. Every integration is tested through an automated build for the detection of code error as soon as possible. This approach helps teams reduce the integration problems and contribute to an agile development.
  • How to create a strategy
    Creating a test strategy implies challenges and development strategies. Paul Gerrard`s workshop was centered around these aspects – on how to develop a dynamic strategy in order to improve projects.
  • Death by user story
    Brandusa Axon’s advice was to concentrate on establishing priorities and never accept mediocre requirements discussions.

A participant’s impression
Many questions were raised during the conference, of which the following stood out: “What can the career plan for an application tester be?” The answer to this question was another question: “What do you want to become?” This was a little bit disappointing for the attendants because they expected a clear answer and also some advice. However, our career progress is not the employer’s responsibility, but ours.

A.K &  A. B

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