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Seed For Tech Launch

We are glad to announce Seed For Tech, a new way of getting involved in product development. The level of stability and maturity we reached gives us the chance to explore this direction more steadily. Seed For Tech, our latest initiative in product development, comes as a natural addition to Bake It.

Why Seed For Tech?

Humanity has done pretty amazing things so far to keep up with human desires and needs, which never cease to diversify. We devised Seed For Tech to alleviate mankind’s constant hunger for new answers to their existing problems and make the world a better place. Seed For Tech is the place where the next tech ideas are nurtured and grown into beautiful things.

What Is Seed For Tech Exactly?

Shortly, Seed For Tech is a product development fund which provides seed funding and go-to-market support to early-stage companies and founders.

What Can I Expect From Seed For Tech?

Well, we talk about a mix of resources that are made available to you over a long period of time and which include:

  • a tech team whose mastery of the code is complemented with the drive to co-create a product, under your guidance;
  • seed funding of up to 3000 Euros in the initial phase;
  • a fully equipped office for you and your team to run your daily activities;
  • support in market research, go-to-market strategy and connection with other possible investors, clients and advisers.

How Does it Work?

Designed to help you move through the product lifecycle, from idea to distribution, the Seed For Tech model considers a long-term perspective, structured in 3 action stages.

We start with customer discovery and validation. The focus here is on conducting an in-depth market research, exploring the business model, learning about the potential customers and testing user acquisitions channels, drawing the product roadmap and finally preparing the pitch for potential investors.

The second stage is about product development and launch. Here we focus on discovering a scalable growth model and finding funding sources for the next level.

The third stage is about growth and scaling. This is where the product is ready to enter new markets.

Who is Eligible for the Program?

We are on the lookout for founders who have domain expertise, market knowledge and an idea in that domain that can be developed into a tech product and stand-alone business. A strong drive to build and lead a business on a long term is also a must since the founders will be the ones leading the whole process.

Founders who already have a product and need funding to further development of the product are also very welcome.

We hope this resonates with you.

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