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Fortech’s CEO Speaks about Romania’s Perspectives in Software Outsourcing

Romania's perspectives to become the New India in outsourcing

Calin Vaduva, our CEO, believes that investing in the young generation of IT specialists will help Romania remain a top destination for software outsourcing for many years to come. In his brief intervention in the “IT outsourcing: As Romania vies to be the new India, can the country keep up?” article published recently on, Mr. Vaduva mentioned that reaching out to high school students will convince some of the undecided ones to get a college degree in a technical field and those who are passionate about programming to start their careers in software development even while still in high school.

The article focuses on the evolution of the software outsourcing phenomenon in Romania and presents a few possible explanations for its positive trend.

Romania’s membership to the European Union, its proximity to major cities in Europe, the relatively low time zone difference with the Eastern United States and several government initiatives turned the country into a technology hot spot. Foreign companies of all sizes rushed in to open branches or to build remote teams throughout Romania. Names like IBM, Amazon, Siemens and Continental found highly skilled and creative professionals here, people guided by a great work ethic and exhibiting excellent linguistic, communication and managerial abilities.

Romania makes up for prices that exceed those practiced by most providers in India and China and of those in European countries like Ukraine, Serbia or Bulgaria with technical and soft skills above those usually found in other outsourcing locations.

Statistical data which reveals the importance of the IT outsourcing sector for Romania and the increasing pressure on the supply of qualified software engineers, the geographical distribution of the outsourcing centres in Romania, the low proportion software products have in the Romanian software houses’ portfolios, the ranks held by Romanian and Eastern European cities in the Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations report, the main reasons that drive foreign companies toward Romanian software houses and the shift in the outsourcing model from doing things cheaply to innovating and finding the right capabilities are then addressed by the article.

All the data compiled by the author suggests the outsourcing business will continue to grow in Romania in the near future inasmuch as the limited number of IT professionals permits. Managers of local IT companies lobbied the government to address the demand-supply gap with additional places in technical fields at colleges and universities. Politicians expressed their commitment to supporting the IT field with a variety of actions such as tax deductions for IT specialists, financing the development of IT innovation parks and supporting regional development and the development of new technologies.

About Fortech

Fortech is a software development company headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Employing more than 600 software engineers and growing, Fortech is one of the largest IT service providers in the region, repeatedly included in Deloitte rankings of the fastest growing technology companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

What sets Fortech apart is its technical prowess. Fortech’s approach to software engineering combines deep technical know-how, Agile delivery methods and a blend of code quality practices and metrics refined over 13 years of experience.

Fortech enables its clients to gain competitive advantage through dedicated software teams, capacity to scale and deep software engineering expertise. More than 140 clients have chosen Fortech as their software engineering partner, among which T-Systems, Swisscom, Symantec, Pfizer and Renault.



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