Software Platform for Fleet Management

Optimizing Fleet Management Through Vehicle Health Status Monitoring.


  • A complete software platform for managing the configuration and operation of our client’s device for fleet management.
  • It makes freight traffic more efficient for transportation businesses.
  • Fortech ensures the full lifecycle delivery of the project, from architectural proposal to Agile implementation.

Team Size: 5 People

Duration: 2 Years

Technologies: .NET Desktop WPF, Java Spring MVC, Bootstrap

Services: Software Development

Trends: Connected Trucks


The client needed a centralized solution that would allow the management of its products – devices that transportation businesses install to monitor the health status of the vehicles in their fleets.

Fortech developed a desktop application that connects to trucks via the device installed on them (i.e. digital speedometer) and offers a diagram with fleet management and vehicle health status metrics, such as speed and driving time.

The solution allows the device’s firmware and configuration to be upgraded, fixed or enhanced when needed. It also enables the interconnectivity between the client’s server and third-party servers, such as those of the end clients, via an API.


The collaboration started with Fortech rewriting an already existing desktop software used for the communication with the in-truck hardware the client manufactures.

Later, the client expanded the project’s scope with an enhanced version of the platform that connects to the trucks through the Internet and provides the data in real-time.

Following an intense communication with the client’s product team, the automotive software development team at Fortech transformed the business requirements into software specifications. A competencies-mixed Agile team at Fortech created the product’s architecture from scratch and is now developing the complete software platform.

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