Case study

Solar Inverters Monitoring System


  • The software powers one of the most innovative and popular photovoltaic inverters worldwide.
  • Smooth communication of the Fortech team with members of the client’s team in a variety of roles, such as technicians, marketing people, and product owners.


The product is a complete suite of web and mobile applications for the control and monitoring of photovoltaic inverters in large solar energy production plants.

Its functions are, among others, to enable the configuration and control of devices, real-time error monitoring, and data reporting (for example, statistics about the yield of the systems).

Connections to the devices rely on proprietary application-layer communication protocols that are based on standard transport-layer protocols such as TCP/IP over Ethernet, UDP over Bluetooth, Serial over USB, Serial over RS485.


Our customer is one of the most innovative producers of photovoltaic inverters worldwide.

The ongoing partnership between our companies in solution development for desktop, mobile, and web applications for photovoltaic devices management started years ago and is growing stronger with each passing day.

We ensure the full delivery of the solution, from analysis and design to implementation, software testing, and integration of third-party products, in a hybrid Scrum-Waterfall approach and direct contact with technical and business experts from the client’s side.

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