Strategy & Security Modules for Financial App

Facilitating Loan Management.


  • Software application used by the most popular Italian financial institutions.
  • It offers a flexible way to define and design a decision-making process and can assist in the loan management process.
  • Several prototypes were iterated in the design stage, while the final solution is built on a flexible architecture.

Team Size: 8 People

Duration: 1 Year

Technologies: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle ADF

Services: Software Architecture, Software Development, Software Testing


This is a module of an integrated financial app used by retail banking institutions. It covers all their standard and specialized processes.

Also, the software offers a flexible way to define and design a decision-making process. The module is flawlessly and fully integrated into our client’s existing financial systems.

The solution empowers our client to provide integrated information system and consulting services to Italian and European companies and banks working in or for the retail market.

Their software products are used by most of the prestigious Italian financial institutions.


Our main goal was to rewrite, redesign and improve the core software application that our client distributes to various financial institutions.

Together with the client, the team at Fortech established a modular approach. The Strategy module was the main priority, then the Security, and finally, the Workflow.

An essential part of the first module was the decision section, which assists employees in creating strategies applicable to different steps in the loan management process. Its core is a decision engine that supports data inputs from various sources (e.g. the credit bureau inquiry, the scoring grid).

The Fortech team was also responsible for implementing and testing the functionalities.

One of the main requirements of the customer was to have a configurable financial app, adaptable to the different needs of the clients (e.g., banks, institutions, large companies). This was achieved using different Java beans implementations of the same interface.

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