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Fortech Proudly Supports the Local IT Community

At Fortech we have a tradition in supporting initiatives and IT events that focus on bringing the IT community together and enhancing learning in this field. We think these are not just simple events but learning environments. Since they focus on the quality of the content and bringing on stage recognized national and international speakers, they became a point of interest for our colleagues and their counterparts from the IT industry. Thus we are happy to support events where our colleagues have the chance to broaden their horizons, interact with remarkable speakers, get exposed to fresh perspectives, re-imagine the way their work can shape the things around us and expand their networks. This spring we have sponsored a few such events, which are briefly presented below.

Fortech at IT Events

IT Camp: the largest community for IT Professionals in Transylvania, meaning 2 days packed with technical sessions, open panels and great networking opportunity for IT managers, team leaders, programmers and database or systems administrators who use the Microsoft Application Platform. The agenda proposed a multitude of subjects from cloud, mobile, to the future of wearables and everything in between.

We are especially proud of our colleague, Sorina, who delivered a session on building a product. Sharing from her experience with – an investment direction supported by Fortech, where she was recently appointed product owner – Sorina touched subjects such as the role of the product owner, building and generating a business model, validation metrics, experiment-driven-marketing. The session was enriched with practical examples and ended with an extended round of questions.

Romanian Testing Conference is a concept that brings together a critical mass of software testing professionals. Moreover, it creates an environment where these professionals can learn, debate and share useful information on the trends, challenges or practices in their field. This 4th edition gathered over 450 attendants, including 16 colleagues from Fortech and an impressive line-up of 26 national and international professionals testers from some of the most sought-after brands, such as Adobe, Cisco, Facebook, Google, Shazam, Swisscom, eBay and many others.

Romanian Testing Conference

Startup Weekend Cluj and Startup Targu Mures: Startup Weekend is “home” to many talented people with entrepreneurial minds who wish to move from the clean sheet of paper to a crowded market. Ten colleagues from Fortech took the challenge this year. We are constantly encouraging them to join such programs in an attempt to foster innovation, exchange ideas and co-create tech products and startups. The liveliness and creative effervescence that surrounded those 54 hours of pitching and coding were amazing and we are glad we were part of it both in Cluj and Târgu Mures.

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