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Supporting the Local Community of IT Specialists

As we continue to grow and diversify our projects, it becomes increasingly important to develop fresh competencies, in line with our customers’ main requirements.

With this in mind, we constantly explore effective ways to provide suitable learning environments for our employees or to engage in structures that facilitate peer-to-peer learning. Whether we talk about hosting or supporting conferences, meet-ups or niche communities, we join forces to organize and attend multiple events every month. October came with a few relevant opportunities, which are briefly presented below:



Fortech Iasi - Cluj - Oradea

With the occasion of our 2nd office opening in the north-eastern region of Romania, we joined Code Camp Iasi as a Diamond Partner and part of the line-up. The event is probably the largest of its type in Romania and took place at the end of October, attracting over 1200 attendees involved in the IT field.

Our neam = unIT” campaign, designed to tell about our growing presence in Iasi, attracted the attendees’ attention. Many of them approached us with questions about our projects and opportunities. This shows that despite the geographic distances or the particularities of the regions, the passion for the common language of code is what unites us in a team. It makes us stick together, work well in distributed teams and grow. The creative execution, consisting of a mix of modern and traditional elements, reflects our 100% Romanian ownership.

What brought the most value:

  • Our colleagues’ talk and live coding session about the N+1 issue in JEE applications coded with JPA. Read the insights here.
  • Our colleagues’ presence at the booth, actively interacting with peers. See the pictures.
  • The engaging experience for our booth’s visitors, ended with substantial prizes.
  • A video telling Fortech’s story in Iasi and featuring our local colleagues. Watch it here.


ReactiveConf Bratislava

ReactiveConf Bratislava

Fortech joined the ReactiveConf in Bratislava as a Supporter to get in touch with the innovation drivers in Web and mobile technologies. Focused on JavaScript and ReactJS, the event took place in October and presented a fresh perspective on the topics expected to make the headlines in 2017. The latest developments in functional programming, reactive programming, frameworks and much more are just a few of the subjects included on the agenda. The event attracted a large audience of 700+ attendees, including a delegation from Fortech. They say it was amazing: many tech icons per square meter, good content, smart peers, insightful conversations. Watch the highlight video.


Hosting the Launch of Today Software Magazine

PMI Meeting Hosted by Fortech

In the same period, Fortech hosted the launch of the 52nd issue of Today Software Magazine. This is a monthly publication focused on tech content crafted by software and testing engineers for their counterparts. Our colleague, Bogdan Hruban, attracted the audience’s attention with a talk on security concerns in IoT. Using a DDoS attack of 650Gb/s on a French data center as an example, he outlined the major security issues and ways to address them. Watch it here or read the full article.


Hosting PMI Monthly Meeting

PMI Meeting Hosted by Fortech

The PMI Romania Chapter Meeting in Cluj was next on our agenda in October. This is an event dedicated to project managers, that attracts 70-80 attendees per edition. Oana Oros and Vlad Panut from Fortech shared insights into the Project Manager’s role in the context of adaptive organizations. See the pictures.


CluJSers Meet-up

JS Meetups

In the latest months, we started to host the meetups organized independently by the local JS community and driven by one of our colleagues. These meetups are outlets for developers to engage and learn all things about JavaScript, regardless of their level of experience. The main topics discussed in October were related to the ReactiveConf in Bratislava. See the pictures.