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Speaker during Embracing Change in IT Conference at Fortech
Embracing Change in IT
Change management was the leitmotiv of the week at Fortech, especially on Thursday and Friday when our „Embracing Change in IT” conference took place. Whether we talk about professional or organizational development, change has become an implicit requirement in our pursuit for excellence. The larger context in which a business operates triggers changes at the organizational level. Further on, these adjustments are transferred as required competencies at the individual level. Given this fact,
TDD and Agile. The Cynefin model
On TDD and Agile
Radu Ometita from Unit 3 published a comprehensive and very interesting article about Test Driven Development (TDD) using Agile in the 31st issue of Today Software Magazine (TSM). Radu started by explaining how complexity has been significantly changing the essence of programming in the past years. The need to deal with changes in requirements at ever increasing speeds led to the introduction and proliferation of Agile methodologies, which are now omnipresent in complex projects. Massively concu