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Mircea Vadan in a discussion. IT Community Support 2015
Fortech proudly supports the local IT community
At Fortech we have a tradition in supporting initiatives and IT events that focus on bringing the IT community together and enhancing learning in this field. We think these are not just simple events but learning environments. Since they focus on the quality of the content and bringing on stage recognized national and international speakers, they became a point of interest for our colleagues and their counterparts from the IT industry. Thus we are happy to support events where our colleagues hav
Fortech – Sponsor at BattleLab Robotica
Chrome Valkyrie, the team sponsored by Fortech, won the second prize at BattleLab Robotica on Saturday, May 9th. Claudiu, Andreea, Filip and Codrin created a strong robot, who thrashed 24 opponents in a sumo battle. Congratulations!    BattleLab Robotica is a contest organized by BEST for all the students from Technical University, Cluj-Napoca and other technical universities in Romania. The goal for each of the competitors was to implement an autonomous sumo robot, able to identify the o
Fortech at ElectroTech
Fortech makes over 100 new friends @ ElectroTech
Fortech attended the ElectroTech event organized by OSUT and held between 20th and 24th of April on George Baritiu 26-28 Street, at the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science from UTCN. The main purpose of ElectroTech is to acquaint students with the most influential and important IT companies in Cluj. Each day, several company presentations took place. Participants at this year’s event were future programmers who interested in finding out more about the potential IT employers and gettin
TSM launched issue 31 at Fortech
TSM Launched its 31st Issue at Fortech
Half a year from the previous launch held at Fortech, Today Software Magazine (TSM) returned to our cozy Bistro to introduce us to its 31st issue. The constanly increasing popularity of TSM was well illustrated by the big crowd drawn, which left no room for a pin in our spacious cafeteria. The IT specialists present enjoyed the informative presentations on hot topics from the IT field and took great interest in Daniel Homorodean’s trip to India and Himalaya. His fight with the elements, fa
Hackathon Techsylvania - Cluj-Napoca
Impressions from the Techsylvania Hackathon
The much awaited hackathon held on May 31st and June 21st in Cluj-Napoca attracted 10 of our colleagues, of which 2 decided to share their experiences with us. The hackathon was followed on June 2nd by a conference where the winners were presented on stage and seasoned specialists lectured on hot topics on start-ups like How To Go From A Startup To Public Listed Company, Common Mistakes Made, The Story Of Expanding Across Europe And Beyond and Epic Failures – And What We Can Learn From The