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Pre-employment Training Time
This autumn Fortech hosts 5 Pre-employment Training Programs covering various fields: Mobile (both Android and iOS), ASP.NET, Java, QA Automation and Web. BSC or MSc students/graduates in IT fields are invited to join a 3, 6 or 8 weeks Training Programs, which combine both theoretical and practical components. Trainees have the chance to explore the fundamentals of the chosen programming language and metabolize them throughout the entire course. At the end of the sessions, the luckiest and the most hard-working trainees might get a job contract with Fortech.All Pre-employment Training
Advanced Java workshop with Peter Lawrey
Advanced Java Workshop at Fortech
A well-known Java expert who loves to share his know-how through workshops and lectures was in Cluj-Napoca in November for several events. We seized the opportunity and invited Peter Lawrey to offer a half-day workshop on advanced Java topics at Fortech . He gladly accepted the invitation and joined us on Nov 26, 2014. Peter Lawrey owns the popular “Vanilla Java” blog, which exceeds 100K page views per month. He is also the 2nd on for [concurrency] and the 3rd for [Java] and lead developer of the OpenHFT project.His advanced Java workshop attracted many Fortech
On Java 8 Collection Processing, a Today Software Magazine Article
Ovidiu Simionica made an objective overview of Java 8 in the article he published in the 24th issue of Today Software Magazine (TSM). The article starts by exposing a few disappointments Java fans had to face over the years such as the 7 year delay vs C# in offering functional programming or failure through type erasure for generics. Ovidiu shares his thoughts on data collection processing, also known as filtering, an issue of particular interest for him over the years. A complicated code sample of what developers and architects had to write prior to Java 8 to do filtering is provided. Java