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Seed For Tech Workshop
Seed For Tech Launch
We are glad to announce Seed For Tech, a new way of getting involved in product development. The level of stability and maturity we reached gives us the chance to explore this direction more steadily. Seed For Tech, our latest initiative in product development, comes as a natural addition to Bake It. Why Seed For Tech? Humanity has done pretty amazing things so far to keep up with human desires and needs, which never cease to diversify. We devised Seed For Tech to alleviate mankind’s constant
3 Day Startup Cluj 2015 at Fortech. The Magnificent 7
3 Day Startup Cluj: the First Plunge into Entrepreneurship
Fortech housed the 3 Day Startup Cluj event (3DS) in its cozy headquarters between April 3rd and April 6th. The action was organized by Research For Industry and Fortech for students willing to take their first steps into entrepreneurship. The goal of 3DS was to guide the students to start a technology company over the course of three days. The invited students had diverse backgrounds and the chance to enjoy free food, refreshments and coffee, as well as take part in challenging and interesting