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Team Academy Students Discovering Fortech
On Friday, October 16, Fortech welcomed a group of 25 international students, from Team Academy, The Netherlands. The purpose of the visit was to provide the participating students with a glimpse into Cluj’s business environment. The international visit is part of an educational curriculum designed to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of young students.Compared to the traditional education path, focused mostly on knowledge accumulation, Team Academy offers students the possibility to define their own learning path while operating real businesses. Since day one students are grouped into
Pre-employment Training Time
This autumn Fortech hosts 5 Pre-employment Training Programs covering various fields: Mobile (both Android and iOS), ASP.NET, Java, QA Automation and Web. BSC or MSc students/graduates in IT fields are invited to join a 3, 6 or 8 weeks Training Programs, which combine both theoretical and practical components. Trainees have the chance to explore the fundamentals of the chosen programming language and metabolize them throughout the entire course. At the end of the sessions, the luckiest and the most hard-working trainees might get a job contract with Fortech.All Pre-employment Training
Fortech – Sponsor at BattleLab Robotica
Chrome Valkyrie, the team sponsored by Fortech, won the second prize at BattleLab Robotica on Saturday, May 9th. Claudiu, Andreea, Filip and Codrin created a strong robot, who thrashed 24 opponents in a sumo battle. Congratulations!    BattleLab Robotica is a contest organized by BEST for all the students from Technical University, Cluj-Napoca and other technical universities in Romania. The goal for each of the competitors was to implement an autonomous sumo robot, able to identify the opponent robot and remove it from the playing surface, in 1 to 1 combats. This contest is a good
Fortech at ElectroTech
Fortech makes over 100 new friends @ ElectroTech
Fortech attended the ElectroTech event organized by OSUT and held between 20th and 24th of April on George Baritiu 26-28 Street, at the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science from UTCN. The main purpose of ElectroTech is to acquaint students with the most influential and important IT companies in Cluj. Each day, several company presentations took place. Participants at this year’s event were future programmers who interested in finding out more about the potential IT employers and getting an idea on how their career path might look like. On the first two days of ElectroTech curious
Easter Guestst at Fortech
Enthusiastic Easter Guests at Fortech
On Thursday, April 9th, before Easter, Fortech received a visit from a group of students from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. 35 future programmers, guided by Alexandra Roxana and Ana, our friendly colleagues from the HR department, discovered the Fortech world.    The students came to our office on Frunzisului Street as a part of the  “Zilele Carierei” (Careers days) event organized by UTCN. After a welcome speech on the ground floor, they were divided into two teams to climb up the Fortech hills. At each floor, they had the opportunity to enter an office at random and to
hiSchool Training programme in IT at Fortech headquarter
The Pilot Program of the IT hiSchool Training Series in Hindsight
       Our team’s idea to create programs that would add value to the Romanian educational system and thus help our IT sector thrive might have seemed wishful thinking to some. The practical courses organized for high school students this summer proved all the doubters wrong. While the wait was long, carefully putting all the elements in place for the first event in the program paid off. The modern training room at the new Fortech headquarters, the careful planning of the workshops, the passionate and experienced trainers and the enthusiastic students combined to make the Fortech