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Runners Meet at Faget Tour Fortech
One of the long awaited sportive events of the autumn opened its doors on the morning of 24th of October. On its name “Faget Tour Fortech”, the event attracted over 600 participants at its first edition. The event is the result of a joint effort of three entities: Sports Club “Runners Club”, the Mountain Sports Association, “Rupicapra” and Fortech. Driven by our common passion for a healthy lifestyle we joined hands to build up on initiatives of smaller scale (“Faget Tour” and
Christmas Party 2014 at Fortech
Christmas Spirit in Full Swing at Fortech
The 2014 winter season was among the richest in events at Fortech; events marked by selflessness, compassion, friendship and wholehearted joy. The Christmas Spirit enveloped us in its protective arms at the Christmas party and when children from the Transylvania Autism Society and the Romanian Foundation for Children, Community and Family sang Christmas Carols at our new office.        Kids also had the chance to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere at the Kids’ party and at the Charity Fa
BrainTrust,an informal yet effective way to share know-how for software developers
BrainTrust, a Novel Approach to Sharing Software Development Expertise
BrainTrust is the brainchild of Alexandru M (Alex M) and Smaranda O, whom I have recently invited to shed light on their initiative. To make the ideas easy to follow I will present their answers in an interview format. Rep: What is BrainTrust? Alex M: We have repeatedly relied on classic group presentations to share software development expertise, idea which was not supported by our colleagues. While we have never lacked interesting topics for the presentation, finding people to prepare them pr
Electric Castle 2014
Electric Castle, an Electric Experience
The event was perfectly organized, featured excellent music, an aristocratic setup, clean air, sleepless nights and inspiration and attracted nice people… all these made from the festival held in Bontida one of the best experiences I have had so far. It was here that I slept in a tent for the first time 🙂 An unforgettable experience, a must do. To continue my idea about tents… the camping area was so overcrowded that no places were left on Saturday… The ground of the festiv