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Machine Learning Applied to Revenue Management
The article summarized below was published by Marius Radu in the 44th number of Today Software Magazine. The author’s objectives were to analyze the current state of Machine Learning (ML) software applications from the business and product owners’ perspectives and to provide support to those looking for answers to questions regarding the data volumes and computational power required by ML. Three types of stakeholders can take part in or influence the application development of ML sol
Marketing Through the Digital “Window”
Marketing Through the Digital “Window”. An Enlarged View for 2016
The new year is upon us, with many events already happening. January ended with the launch of the 43rd issue of Today Software Magazine (TSM). This issue presents a few short predictions for 2016 as seen by the local IT managers as well as articles covering both technical and general business topics. Our colleague and marketing manager contributed with an article on digital marketing. This outlines the key principles and the perspective from which a business should address brand communication in
TDD and Agile. The Cynefin model
On TDD and Agile
Radu Ometita from Unit 3 published a comprehensive and very interesting article about Test Driven Development (TDD) using Agile in the 31st issue of Today Software Magazine (TSM). Radu started by explaining how complexity has been significantly changing the essence of programming in the past years. The need to deal with changes in requirements at ever increasing speeds led to the introduction and proliferation of Agile methodologies, which are now omnipresent in complex projects. Massively concu
TSM launched issue 31 at Fortech
TSM Launched its 31st Issue at Fortech
Half a year from the previous launch held at Fortech, Today Software Magazine (TSM) returned to our cozy Bistro to introduce us to its 31st issue. The constanly increasing popularity of TSM was well illustrated by the big crowd drawn, which left no room for a pin in our spacious cafeteria. The IT specialists present enjoyed the informative presentations on hot topics from the IT field and took great interest in Daniel Homorodean’s trip to India and Himalaya. His fight with the elements, fa
On Java 8 Collection Processing, a Today Software Magazine Article
Ovidiu Simionica made an objective overview of Java 8 in the article he published in the 24th issue of Today Software Magazine (TSM). The article starts by exposing a few disappointments Java fans had to face over the years such as the 7 year delay vs C# in offering functional programming or failure through type erasure for generics. Ovidiu shares his thoughts on data collection processing, also known as filtering, an issue of particular interest for him over the years. A complicated code sampl
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Perspectives of the Romanian IT – Today Software Magazine article
Ovidiu Simionica shared his thoughts on the present and future of the Romanian IT in the “Romanian IT quo vadis” article published in the 25th issue of Today Software Magazine. According to Ovidiu, making the high volume business of software outsourcing profitable requires the use of special tools. Just applying the ISO standards to software development cannot help, since coding has nothing in common with highly predictable businesses like cheese manufacturing. Ovidiu considers work