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Team Academy Students Discovering Fortech

On Friday, October 16, Fortech welcomed a group of 25 international students, from Team Academy, The Netherlands. The purpose of the visit was to provide the participating students with a glimpse into Cluj’s business environment. The international visit is part of an educational curriculum designed to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of young students.


Compared to the traditional education path, focused mostly on knowledge accumulation, Team Academy offers students the possibility to define their own learning path while operating real businesses. Since day one students are grouped into teams with the mission to build and lead business together, while the teachers provide structure and team coaching. The curriculum comprises: lectures by subject-matter experts, field visits, master classes held by renowned entrepreneurs, international travel and team coaching on entrepreneurial activities.

During their visit at Fortech, the students had the chance to interact with our software testing and mobile teams. They found out about projects, relationship with clients the daily activities of a programmer or tester. Further on, they engaged in an interactive session on the evolution of the software outsourcing field in Romania, the market conditions and the place of business skills in an IT project.

Team Academy is the International School for Entrepreneurship, which offers first official bachelor in entrepreneurship. This autumn the The Entrepreneurship Academy program was launched in Romania, in Bucharest, becoming the first institution of higher education in Southeast Europe dedicated to entrepreneurship.

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