Innovation as a Driver of Growth in the Financial Services Sector

Tech Trends That Will Shape the Banking and Finance Sectors in 2021

The global investment in finance-focused technology was a whopping $137.5 billion in 2019. This was even before the Covid-19 pandemic heightened the dependence on technology and accelerated the pace of digital transformation.

The phenomenal technological advancements in the financial sector have been both company and customer-driven. On the one hand, companies have adopted technology to gain a competitive edge in a largely undifferentiated and highly competitive climate. On the other, the pandemic and entry of a digital native population have made customers more discerning.

Banking and financial services companies that have harnessed the power of technology pose a serious threat to firms that have fallen behind with innovation.

How can you prepare yourself for 2021? Read our whitepaper and discover the tech trends that will shape the banking and financial ecosystem.

You will find inside:

Factors that will define the landscape in 2021 Changing customer expectations from financial services companies Technologies that will become the cornerstones for embracing the new ecosystem How personalised services and data monetisation will spearhead growth Novel ways of determining creditworthiness and service corporate customers How video banking and RPA will become a part of the new normal