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Techsylvania 2015 Pre-Launch Meeting at Fortech

Less than 3 months before the event, Techsylvania‘s organizers decided to promote it through a pre-launch meeting held at Fortech’s headquarters on March 23rd.

The meeting attracted about 30 attendants, who were briefed on the upcoming edition of Techsylvania, probably the most important event of its kind organized in Cluj if we were to look at the speakers it attracts, the topics covered and the contest itself. The Seed For Tech initiative, an investment fund meant to encourage local startups to generate ideas that may turn into great products or services was also announced. This program aims at helping good ideas and talented people take their ideas to the level where their economic potential becomes obvious and thus foster the development of local tech startups and products.

Techsylvania 2015 pre-launch event at Fortech  Techsylvania 2015 pre-launch event at Fortech  Techsylvania 2015 pre-launch event at Fortech

Being a firm promoter of value in IT and of all the IT events that bring real value to the community, Fortech will keep on to the tradition of offering its full support to Techsylvania’s organizers. The company will be a gold sponsor for this year’s event, where Calin Vaduva, Fortech’s CEO, will be a speaker in one of the discussion panels.

Over 500 innovators, technical gurus, IT specialists and entrepreneurs as well as leading companies will be wired to Techsylvania 2015 between June 6th and June 9th to speak or learn about the latest and expected trends in technology, find out what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, socialize with some of the most brilliant specialists and speakers and compete in one of the most challenging and rewarding programming contest available, where they will work with 10 wearable and connected technologies few had the chance to lay their hands upon.

To learn more about Techsylvania please consult the event’s website.

We look forward to meeting you at the event and opening our minds to the wealth of knowledge and brilliant ideas that will undoubtedly “assault” and amaze us.