The Auto Industry Is in the Throes of Disruptive Transformation

Trends That Will Drive the Automotive Sector in 2021 and Beyond

A dynamic ecosystem, the automotive industry, with its high capital expenditures (CapEx), complex supplier relations, environment and safety regulations, and rapidly evolving consumer preferences, is on the verge of a profound change.

In 2021, the global auto industry faces new challenges:

  • New participants with entirely different product life cycles and client channels enter the ecosystem, making it even more complex.
  • The aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak reshaped supply distribution and client behaviors, forcing automakers to rethink their approach towards R&D investments focused on autonomous and EV technologies.

What is needed to sustain growth in this highly dynamic environment is a strategic approach to innovation and a sharp focus on operational efficiency.

Included in this Whitepaper are data about:

Autonomous Vehicles Consumer Preferences Shared Mobility Strategic Partnerships to Drive the Automotive Industry