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TSM Launched its 31st Issue at Fortech

Half a year from the previous launch held at Fortech, Today Software Magazine (TSM) returned to our cozy Bistro to introduce us to its 31st issue.

The constanly increasing popularity of TSM was well illustrated by the big crowd drawn, which left no room for a pin in our spacious cafeteria. The IT specialists present enjoyed the informative presentations on hot topics from the IT field and took great interest in Daniel Homorodean’s trip to India and Himalaya. His fight with the elements, fatigue and bureaucracy to fulfill a life’s dream closely resembles our “battles” to stay up to date with the latest technological developments and defeat fierce competitors from all over the world.

As always, TSM offered us the chance to chat with people from our branch, to take a glimpse at the current issue and to listen to summaries of the articles it includes.

TSM launched issue 31 at Fortech  TSM launched issue 31 at Fortech  TSM launched issue 31 at Fortech TSM launched issue 31 at Fortech

The topics presented were as diverse as always, offering something really captivating to all the attendants. Sorina Mone from Fortech introduced us to the 100% free platform, where we can all offer services or find the specialists we need for a wide variety of projects both at home and at work. Agile methodologies, online marketing, software architecture, the Internet of things, cloud computing and data protection were once again among the hot issues approached by the authors.

Despite the late hour at which Daniel’s presentation ended, enough guys took advantage of the networking opportunities provided and extended their stay until well after 9 p.m.

All in all, the event was very well organized, included presentations on hot topics and attracted a large and enthusiastic audience. We really look forward to the next one.

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