Case study

Urban Energy Planning Platform


  • The platform can create a market analysis for PV projects, heating network planning, and municipal energy planning.
  • A complete platform that facilitates the planning for structuring a decarbonized building.

React, Python


Software Development, DevOps, Software Testing


Team Size

2 Years





The team contributed to developing an application that facilitates the planning of a decarbonized building.

The app enables rapid, data-driven, scientifically informed decisions, efficient design, visualization, and simulation of these features. Decarbonizing buildings through energy efficiency not only reduces carbon emissions but also generates co-benefits in health, energy affordability, and the labor market. The platform assists decision-makers in these processes and can compress days or even weeks of manual work into minutes.

The platform uses a combination of data and a digital twin blended with AI and a generative design to create a market analysis for PV and HPs, heating network planning, and municipal energy planning.


The team focuses on building a tailored platform that uses public or customized topographic data, collecting energy information, and providing improved energy consumption and management solutions in urban areas.

To enable the team to prioritize issues and meet the client’s expectations at every stage, the Agile software development methodology was used throughout the entire collaboration. This helped the team significantly improve the efficiency of their work process and deliver the project at its highest quality.

Client Benefits


Long-lasting collaboration with a self-sustaining core team that ensures project continuity.


A solid understanding of how the client’s concept should be translated into an app that enables data-driven decisions.