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AtruX and PillKeeper Shared 3rd Place in the DPIT Academy 2023 Edition

  • The AtruX and PillKeeper teams mentored by our colleagues Marius Cristescu and Dragoș Petrașcu shared the 3rd podium place in the 9th edition of the educational program DPIT Academy.

Two teams of high school students mentored by our colleagues shared the 3rd place at the DPIT Academy Contest, demonstrating that with proper guidance youngsters can develop technical solutions that meet the more significant needs of society.

On November 13th, high school students, mentors, teachers, and representatives of IT companies gathered at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in Cluj to celebrate the closing ceremony of the 9th edition of the DPIT Academy.

This year, 120 high school students were enrolled in the program under the guidance of mentors from Fortech, a GlobalLogic company, and other IT companies. The twenty groups of high school and university students formed at the contest generated twenty unique ideas for software applications. The apps they envisioned cater to various needs, including supporting devices for blind people, VR tech for optimized virtual meetings, medicine distribution, freight transport security, and innovative recycling solutions. The organizer rewarded the most promising apps, taking into account a mix of criteria, including application complexity, teamwork and technical test results.

DPIT Academy Exhibition2023. Photo Credits: DPIT Academy

Coding for Tomorrow

We will briefly introduce you next to our two winning apps.

AtruX team at the DPIT Gala. Photo Credits: DPIT Academy

AtruX addresses two critical problems: enhancing security for truck drivers and improving communication between dispatchers and drivers. The platform employs innovative technologies to ensure the safety of truck drivers on the road and facilitates efficient and real-time communication between dispatchers and drivers for smoother operations.

As a mentor, I had the opportunity to share my experience with young, enthusiastic students eager to learn new things. Thanks to the project idea and proposed technologies, I got out of my comfort zone and managed to develop new technical skills in a very short time. It was a rewarding experience, and I am glad that I could contribute something to the development of these young talents – a big THANK YOU to the fantastic ATRUX team.

Marius Cristescu, Java Software Architect and mentor of the AtruX team

PillKeeper team at the DPIT Gala. Photo Credits: DPIT Academy

PillKeeper aims at enabling patients, caregivers, and family members to focus on more important aspects than recurrent administration of medication. Its usefulness is apparent when dealing with a large number of patients, like in hospitals or retirement homes.

I have mentored a team of high school students through a software project in the DPIT Academy program. It was a highly rewarding experience for me, as I had the chance to engage with motivated young learners. Together, we all had the opportunity to acquire new knowledge. I’m sure it was a memorable period for them, and I’m pleased to have been of assistance. I look forward to collaborating with some of them again in the future.

Dragoș Petrașcu, Java Software Architect and mentor of the PillKeeper team

Other projects that captured our attention and received special prizes from Fortech, a GlobalLogic company, are:

  • GrowWise, a device consisting of soil sensors that monitor humidity, nutrient concentration, and temperature. It contributes to saving resources and thus to an improved quantity and quality of the harvest.
  • Vital Alert comes to the rescue with three products: a clock for nurses to receive alerts from patients, a panel patients can use to alert nurses in real time about their needs, and a dashboard that allows the nurse to monitor the status to each room under their care.
  • Strack is an app that provides an efficient way to keep in touch with friends in remote mountain areas with no network signal. In addition to emergency communication, it facilitates the exchange of messages and information between friends, contributing to the safety and experience of mountain adventures.
    We also want to highlight the other teams mentored by our colleagues. These teams created apps with uses ranging from reimagining business meetings to addressing the lack of parking spots.

  • Cybersee, mentored by Andreea Ionescu, Java Software Developer, primarily aims to create a product that makes business meetings more efficient, making them more comfortable than regular meetings. In this sense, the team came up with an innovative idea in virtual reality that mimics the face-to-face contact of a regular meeting.
  • ImproKnow, mentored by Remus Pelle, .NET Software Developer, is an app where people experts can sign up to offer private lessons on different topics.
  • ParkBuddy, mentored by Daniel Bran, .NET Software Architect and Roland Veres, .NET Software Developer, is an app that helps you legally rent your parking spot when you don’t need it.
  • About the DPIT Academy

    DPIT Academy is the most significant program for community mentoring and practical education for high school students. It was developed through the joint contribution of the business, academic, and school environment. It supports young people in the most important formative stage, offering them both a perspective on a career in IT and essential milestones in the process of personal development, such as awareness of individual potential, familiarization with “teamwork,” assuming roles and responsibilities, developing leadership skills, encouraging innovation, and stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit. We are proud to have been supporting this initiative since its first edition.

    About the DPIT Association

    DPIT is an association that promotes and supports education in IT for youths from local and regional communities. The objective of the Association is to increase the number of young people who pursue a career in IT, thus contributing to the recognition of our city as an important center for education in IT.

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