IoT Software Development

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IoT Development Showcase

Smart Parking Prototype

Watch here a demo of an intelligent system for parking space availability detection based on a sensor network. The system consists of a multitude of low-cost sensor nodes distributed into the parking field, which work in a co-operative fashion with a central server to detect and report the parking occupancy levels in real-time.

The prototype, developed internally by Fortech, contains an Arduino Uno board, a geomagnetic sensor for detecting the presence of a car, a ZigBee radio module and a 9-volt battery to power it all.

Read the case study for more information about developing smart parking systems and check out our Smart Parking – IoT Perspectives blog article.


A Selection of Successful IoT Software Development Projects

Electric Bicycle Software Suite

All-in-one eBike cycle computer with integrated navigation, fitness functions and phone connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It consists of an embedded application which displays live information from the sensors, an online platform used for data persistence and statistics and native mobile applications for routing and push notifications.

Solar Inverters Monitoring System

Powering one of the most innovative and popular photovoltaic inverters in the world, this is a complete software suite of desktop, web and mobile applications designed for the control and monitoring of solar inverters. It connects in real-time with solar energy production plants, offering performance data and allowing remote control and configuration of the devices.

Car Connectivity Platform

Complete software platform developed for a premium OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and an important player in the Automotive industry. The solution leverages the microservices architecture and connects in real time millions of cars worldwide with external providers.