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Learn more about how we can help you build a successful software product. Contact us now and discover how to outsource your software product development at Fortech easily.

Why Us for Outsourced Product Development

Finding the right tech partner to develop your software products is not easy. Time to market, data protection, and software quality are only a few of the key aspects to carefully consider.  Relying on us to build your software comes with the benefits listed next, among others.

A Selection of Successful Outsourced Product Development Projects

Digital Commerce Software Platform

The product is a complete software platform that combines eCommerce, marketing and data services. It is used by retailers and brands across the US, with over 3 million orders per year. Fortech covers the entire product development life cycle across multiple devices.

Electric Bicycle Software Suite

The product is an HMI (Human Machine Interface) of an eBike powertrain. It consists of the battery, including the charger, and the drive unit. Fortech provides the full stack solution – the embedded application, a web portal and mobile applications.

Smart Parking Prototype

This is a prototype of an intelligent parking system developed internally by one of our R&D teams. It detects in real-time available parking spaces and transmits the data to a central server. Then, the information is displayed on a mobile application.