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Benefits of Choosing Fortech for Custom Healthcare Software Development

Our industry knowledge and custom healthcare software development expertise have earned us the trust of customers from Europe and the United States. By delivering secure and reliable services powered by modern technologies, Fortech is a real partner for your business.

Patient Centricity

Over 20 years of agile development experience, we have cultivated a deep understanding of healthcare software development constraints and how to adjust accordingly to deliver customer-driven applications that are scalable, portable, responsive, and light.

Cultural Alignment

After establishing strong partnerships in Western Europe and the U.S., we are flexible enough to adapt to the cultural affinities and local industry standards of our partners by understanding the context and environment in which their businesses operate.

Value-Driven Process

From the inception of finding the most suitable solution to real-life problems to the delivery of healthcare software solutions, we always strive to design and build in a way that will enhance the client's product or service in a positive way.

HL7®, FHIR® and the FHIR® Logo are the registered trademarks of Health Level Seven International and their use does not constitute endorsement by HL7.Fortech Achieves HL7 FHIR® Certification

A team of dedicated software developers earned a certificate of knowledge proving proficiency in FHIR®. Developed by HL7, FHIR® is a next-generation standard framework that facilitates the exchange of healthcare information electronically.

Our Healthcare Software Development Services

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Custom Healthcare Administrative Software Development

Practice Management

Medical Staff Management

Hospital Management System

Hospital Asset Tracking

Healthcare CRM

Revenue Cycle Management

EHR/EMR Integrations for Healthcare Interoperability

Hospital Inventory Management

Custom Patient Centric Software Development

Telemedicine Software

Healthcare AI Chatbots

Chronic Disease Management

Medical Imaging and Diagnostics Software

Remote Patient Monitoring and Health Devices

Migration of Legacy Systems to Cloud-Based Microservices

Value-Based Care

Medicare Risk Adjustment

Home Care Management

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